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July 2018 BELIEVE...

InspireAmind Launches NEW FB Group  A National Networking Group Unlike Any Other!  

Understand your own power to influence society and learn more about social issues that are critical to our time! 

Hear what needs we have, what can be, what has been and what still NEEDS to be done ! 

Summer 2018 Brochure  

~Available to assist in training staff in implementation of school safety plans and Fall 2018 early detection and protective factor programs for student and more techniques on how to best utilize your security, board policies and PPS staff and look back at least 5-7 years, for maximum safety. Special "InspireAsolutions" for what to do with 

re-check on history and current concerns, alt. discipline and help parents to be partners. 

THIS IS A COMMUNITY EFFORT, and should be recognized as the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORKERS (NASW) sees it as, and I agree;  a public health emergency.


 Registration Prices for Office Services are on our website, any other locations will be shared at the time of booking. 

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for "de-mystifying school services"

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perseverance, clarity, strength, value, success

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InspireAmindTM was created to meet the needs of individuals, families, teens, and children in a private practice setting. 

My Guiding Ethical Principles: are to meet people's needs. Whatever issue (whether we find it together or it is known from the start) that is impacting daily life for someone, it is my duty to support them, and help guide them or their family, through the process of intervention to reach a common goal.

This guiding principle is doing what is ethically right for the parties involved to meet each of their needs in terms of structure of sessions and cost. If individual goals exist, then we work toward what would be the best "fit" and if need be, meet separately. I consider myself, to provide trained professional care but cost is something that I look at as an ethical piece, as it applies to supporting others. I always do my best to provide quality care within this competitive market, the most affordable way that I can.

A specialty of mine is preteens, adolescents and parenting. After numerous years in schools, and agencies serving this age group, I have a "toolkit" of knowledge that I work from. As every situation is different, another guiding principle for me, is that every CHILD is different. Not every adolescent that displays a behavior issue is the same. nor can you say it is due to the same cause Since there are many different reasons for each, and  everyone has a different history and present life, there are alternate ways to help. 

Lastly. if you have ever met me, I do not believe in the word NEVER! I believe in encouragement, challenges (for the correct reasons), the most positive mindset, pride, and even if many of those must be learned; I now know that they are imperative to moving forward in my own life, and in improving the lives of others.


Owner & Clinical Director,

Marcy Abramsky, LCSW

As the Owner,  I was mindful of elements, vital to the processes of change and motivation. I live by perseverance, clarity, strength, value and my own personal definition of success that comes from those. 

Clarity and Skill Development are key factors in assessing and managing the twists and turns we go through in life. 

(NYCB Plaza)

100 Duffy Avenue

Suite # 510

Hicksville, New York 11801



Services Provided:



Creative  Vision Art Therapy

Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Individual Therapy & Counseling


 Tele- Therapy








Tele/In-office, Counseling, Seminars, Consultation to Parents, Education, Business & Community Organizations and Summer Leadership, Parent & Student Transition Programs


 Concerns I Treat

Academic Concerns/ Life Transitions/ Anxiety/ Behavior/ Bullying /Cancer/ Career Choice & Coaching/ Caregiver Issues / Stress /Child & Adolescent Issues/ Chronic Illness /  Communication Disorders/  Creative Blocks/ Depression/  Developmental Disorders (Autism, Asperger's, etc.)Disability/ Dual Diagnosis/ Emotional Intelligence/ Emotional Overwhelm/ Family Problems/ Grief, Loss & Bereavement/ Health / Inattention/  Impulsive behavior  Hyperactivity (ADHD)/ Irritability/ Isolation/Learning Difficulties/ Life Purpose / Meaning /  Mood Disturbance/ Oppositional Defiant Behavior in Children and Teenagers/ Parenting issues/ Self-Actualization/Self-Care/Self-Criticism/Self-Esteem/Sensitivity to Criticism/ Social Anxiety / Phobia Stress/ Workplace Issues/  Young Adult Issues


Types of Therapy

Family Systems Therapy (MST)

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Guided Imagery

Client-Directed Outcome-Informed Therapy (CDOI)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Conflict Resolution Therapy

Vision/Career& image ( Self Esteem Art therapy)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Journal Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Interventions

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

Parent Work

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Self-Acceptance Training


NEW  Location, NYCB Plaza, Serving: Roslyn, Glen Cove, Garden City,  East Meadow, Merrick,  Levittown, Bellmore, Wantagh, Massapequa, Hicksville, Plainview, Woodbury, Jericho, Syosset and all towns in between!


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Cert School Admin. Multi-systemic Therapist w nearly/20 yrs : Individual Family, Group. Court, Vision& Career Advocacy ,In-Home Fam/ Teen, School Social Work Spec. Needs & Admin Extensive exp. w/Teens, Adults, Job  Stress, Physical/Mental Wellness in Work & Schools (strengths based)Making Community Safer. Balancing Emotional, Physical & Social Wellness & Inc. Ability to Handle Challenges & Meet your own ,Vision of Success.


Goals of the Counseling and Consulting Practice

Our age, environment, school, work, economic status, cultural background, and present conditions or stressors within our society have a tremendous impact on our view, of what level a life situation, may fall under.  Our ability to deal with challenges in life can decrease under certain conditions. If we are coping with illness, loss, a past history of trauma, or even a similar situation.  The seriousness of the crisis, duration, sounds and result, can change our perception for a long  period of time; if not indefinitely.  

The increasing in trend in school safety and violence from grade school through the University setting; highlights these issues.  Coupled with concerts, and vacation goers around the globe experiencing the reality of a different world, fear and anxiety are more prevalent.  Others, in comparison, may cope by ignoring things, to keep life as it was, in order to cope. However, as is the extreme with anything, feeling too overwhelmed can leave you unable to move forward, while denying how important it is to protect your own  wellness, and that of your employees and community, can leave everyone vulnerable and unsafe. Safety plans that work, environment appropriate assessments, tools providing increasing skills to monitor, alert, intervene and ultimately, improve the overall safety and functioning of every environment for daily functioning is critical. 

When the characteristics are ingrained in daily procedures, one outcome, is trust. As a result of people trusting one another more, there is less turnover, higher job satisfaction and more effort. When roles are understood and supported,  emergencies will almost always be handled better; communication is better,  the team in sync, and functions better.  

While at a job, or as a student, a number of things can happen that we never expect. Some of these can impact our civil rights or even become criminal cases. These can have further consequences if we are not supported by our job or don't feel safe or comfortable going into the work environment anymore.  Changing perceptions, while living in the real world, is a difficult thing to grasp.  If you have been witness, or victim to these situations, including, 9/11, trauma from Military duty, past abuse or you’ve been in areas that have been inflicted with surges of violence, in recent years, you have a lot to juggle emotionally.  If you feel that you have been through issues that demand, more direction or  non-legal advocacy,  prior to determining next steps, InspireAmindTM, is available to you.  Here, to assist you in thinking through all of your options, and understnding your criminal and civil rights, you will understand the the type of professionals that exist,  for you to contact.  It can be lonely, with no direction and a host of emotions.

Later, you will understand how I assist people through a wider scope in their lives, and utilize this view to  assist them in reaching their goals! For now.. just know, my vision never ended there! 

InspireAmindTM, was developed out of necessity, as an entity to reach people, and accomplish  all I can, in tandem with schools, businesses, and other vendors as a change agent.  Staying focused on issues that I am passionate about, has never been an issue, no matter what goes on in my own life. Especially today, with my strengths in the very areas that are relevant to today's social policies!   I am never "burnt out" from this profession or "done" with my work! 


Outside of my clinical social work in schools, my professional and non professional experiences a parent, and part of a family unit, have taught me a lot about practical methods of parenting. My role in the school. in devoting my time to school field trips, classroom teaching, dances and facilitating other events have shaped my creativity and ability to have fun, and not take myself too seriously.  I have also been lucky to have had the exposure to other work environments in my own and different fields.  From medical office settings, hotel & restaurant management, film/television and (journalism) to co-owner of a small business, (creating, marketing and selling products with a partner) I learned how much hard work goes into a business, which gave me an understanding of why businesses are so careful with their money.  Attending Baruch School for Public Administration, I began to learn about not-for-profit organizations. However, it has been very important to me to learn about how both large and small companies work.  Larger Software, Hardware, Accounting and Finance; some medium and some fortune 500 companies, and how they operate. From product to sales, legal and contracts, these industries, including organizations with remote employees;  are constantly looking for ways to keep costs down, while motivating their employees and looking for solutions unique to their setting. 

Across all settings, schools and organizations, there is a common denominator; reliance on varying departments or people. The demand for the  demand for the service, costs associated with maintaining quality of product or service, checking it against the competitors, or if you have what your constituents feel you should.  InspireAmindTM is here, to assist you, in a change of mindset that gears your school or company, toward the future.  This not only keeps your "product" (curriculum, goods) relevant to society, but your workplace motivating and safe. Offering your leadership, team, teachers, students, parents and consumers, a re-energized look at your organization, shows you are modernizing your inside to go with what you are displaying (on social media etc.) on the outside. You are improving people's lives and safety from the inside of your organization to the outside, not only with your product (the end result).   I believe in this change from the " COMMUNITY CHANGE FROM THE INSIDE, OUT"​(Abramsky, 2018)

At the end of the day...many things will never make sense to all people !

 I truly believe that the closer you can get to a shared vision the better. It is with the greater frequency and consistency of the implementation of a noteworthy idea, the higher the change,, for a positive outcome. 

The only reason to desire the byproduct of this (recognition of its worth) is to continue the use of this idea, to continue to see progress!

I have used a multitude of styles in my work, and created a "formula" that I adjust, and works for many people.  This can be taught and live on in your environment, and, you can start your OWN REVOLUTION of increased productivity, strengthen the professional and positive attitude shown by your talent, and give an overall optimistic outlook, to your school or business. By doing this you can inspire others and your community, and they can , in turn inspire others! 

InspireAmindTM  brings you personal service, whether in a private practice setting, or at your school, or business from a licensed, clinically trained mental health professional, certified administrator and consultant.  Based upon your needs, all the resources, discussed will be tailored to your needs.  You will be furnished with solutions planned for you, to successfully  implement in your setting. 


InspireAmindTM knows leaders deserve support too! ​

InspireAmindTM  brings this service to you, as part of our thank you for contracting for any solution with us.  

What is the bottom line?  Success, meaning, our ability to be mindful of how we treat one another, in a workplace that  serves to increase motivation enhances the quality of life!


  The InspireAmindTM Goal : A Positive Impact on the Overall Safety, Wellness and Functioning of Our Society.


*  inspireAmindtm is inspiring people, one mind at a time *


In a world where life-changing events are taking place hen violence begins to go through communities, typically fear and ​anger, come along with it. These factors, although part of the process, greatly alter the process of healing, gaining clarity to create goals. and skill development when more protective factors are not introduced into the environment.  


The School & Business Solutions you will see on the HOME PAGE are merely, a glimpse of the solid plans formulated, from effective techniques previously used in the, in the field.

These are now, available to you, for use in serving your School and Business community.


InspireAmindTM works off of the basic principle, that as leaders in your in your field, you continually acknowledge the health, wellness and value of your team and community as InspireAmindTM, would like to do for you, as well.  


InspireAmindTM, gives that nourishment back to people to heal and find their path to meet with success. 


The cutting edge ideas, formulated to your specific environment, will support you after an assessment of challenges

that challenges that you as leaders, and your team face in your profession, 


Our LEADERSHIP SOLUTION is free with any contract for any school or business solution. Treat yourself and the other leaders to your own special event and understand the benefits of an even better work environment!​

Private Counseling

Supportive Private Mental Health Counseling by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with nearly 20 years experience in New York State.

Private Practice Contact

Summer Leadership Program

Fall 2018 8th Gr. & HS Juniors programs to Empower, Train and Gain Certificate and Information to carry with them back to school and in life to 

 enhance community : requirement 1 mentor small elite short summer programs .. graduate internships in social work and counseling available as well! 


Registration is open

 Summer Seminar Info

Growth Mindset and Self-Esteem Building Programs

 Enhance Satisfaction and Performance

Introduce growth mindset programs to schools and businesses to further reach out in our society and increase self-esteem. 

 Growth Mindset Info



Advocate and Support Children, Adolescents, Parents and Victims of Civil Rights Abuse *specific to the the field of education. 

Learn More

Alternative School Discipline, SCHOOL Safety, Assessment BUSINESS &Solutions

Programs that support SCHOOLS and an offshoot for BUSINESS too,  by offering alternative discipline  (and training) ideas that increase use of assessment, learning, self-care and skills leading to a safer, healthier, and productive learning environment.

Outside Resources maybe utilized depending upon the need of the student or adult and communication and delivery technique is very important.  

These programs also include mental health, follow up and growth mindset portions to enhance self-esteem and cultivate a change in behavior and encourage follow up.

Lean more




Students Can Change The World Program

Study Skills Program

Anger Management Program 


At-Risk Mindset Program

Peer Social Skills Program 

And More..​....

Learn More

Humble Beginnings 

Like a grain of sand, our motivation can sway back and forth in the  breeze or even be built up high, with help to a castle. 

We learn young that it may take a long time to build the castle but a wave of water can  quickly change its form. It can become like the sand that  collects at the bottom of a wet pale...."stuck". 

We all have the ability to feel "stuck" at times in our life. Whether at home, at work, in school, in how we get along with the people in our life.  Emotional trauma or  stress from work, performance, family, health, finances, and our life choices are  factors can weigh us down.  

After feeling low energy levels and  high levels of  frustration at times in my life; I knew this was like no other time;  like my energy, my trust in people I believed in and my belief in what I had a passion to do (help people) was for the very first time without purpose. I was "stuck" under the heaviness of wet sand; it was that very moment, that became the catalyst for my change. In that moment a place I had once believed I was part of a positive spirit, generous and caring environment ended & things that have no business happening in any business left me shocked, scared and unsure. Friends in other states in the US  confirmed this was common, in many areas of education.  I no longer felt alone.

Back To The Sand...

Oddly enough, I am not a "beach person" but this new feeling of opportunity shined  down on me like the rays of the hot sun drying the sand. 

This image to the right captured my feeling immediately. The dry pebble  resting on top of the light, soft, dry sand. It looked almost weightless. Barely an indentation seen.

This moment was different from all others. As I closed my eyes, the only thought in my head was I WOULD now just get "unstuck";no in-between. Giving up my allegiance to a single place & belonging to myself striving for my own goals in servicing society, i knew I was the only one who could ever let me down again, professionally!

Click “professionally above for link to continue reading ! 


InspireAmind Counseling & Consulting


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(NYCB PLAZA)  *Please Note: you must have an appointment to enter office for security to be aware of your intent to enter the suite & parking facility. 

 InspireAmindTM Marcy Abramsky, LCSW Owner & Clinical Director 


NYCB PLAZA 100 Duffy Ave


Hicksville, New York 


phone: 516-595-3092


[email protected]

At the time of booking your appointment, you will be given a phone number to utilize for any changes etc.

Now Accepting new clients at our NYCB Plaza location 

Now Serving Roslyn, Garden City, Hicksville, Plainview, Woodbury, Jericho, Massapequa,, Wantagh, Bellmore, Merrick, East Meadow and more!


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