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Humble Beginnings 

Continued....from home page 

In the next 24-48 hours, I did nothing but put together bits and pieces of ideas formed over the past couple of years. Ideas that never before, would have amounted to what it is to me, today! By February 28th, 2018; my belief in myself, my husband, my children and the passion I have for my work, led to the creation of an idea. A start, a new focus, my answer. The hope in me thinking of my story, is to assist in guiding you through yours; to inspire you toward solutions. 

Ultimately, the gift of motivation, inspiration and my complete unwillingness to be a "blob of wet sand", led me to utilize many personal and professional resources.

I'd like to offer you the tools to assist in helping you to recognize your needs, how help formulate a plan for productivity, and meeting personal goals. 

This begins with a journey toward personal wellness and growth, an increased sense of ownership over your destiny.  As an individual, a child, a mother, father, sibling, spouse, friend, employee, employer; on the other side of every experience, I think of as "InspireAmind" experience by learning. What "InspireAmind" means to me, is what you pull from within yourself at even the most difficult moments. When we harness the feelings from both positive and more difficult experiences,  there is a way to work through this (very different in various cases).  When viewed as energy, we can move from  fearing it, and learn how not to grow tired from it.  It can make us fearless, or give us the courage to mold it into something that motivates us.  

The idea of how to inspire myself, propelled me to look at how to inspire others. This is what I sincerely hope to achieve. 

By supporting individuals I hope to inspire a change, one person at a time. 

If I put out one idea that I haven't read that I am sure that someone has written. I would love to share a poignant thought that nobody else has proclaimed about why stress, standards, and self -esteem are such issues. As I am sure hundreds before me have reported, I too believe that our society has led generations into the haze of believing our priorities have changed.  Unless, I am wrong, and I never really understood the way of the world, and the same priorities exist. 

I will share, that I strongly believe that we need to alter many facets of our society. 


Praise needs to be in important category,  the measure or standard for which we determine its distribution, isn't working for all people.  Increasing praise, repairs people emotionally, and resets  each person's focus from their weaknesses to their strengths.  This "fills in"  our proverbial cracks".  People need to feel their worth, if you expect them to respect that other lives hold value.


As a society, if we can understand how deeply we need to increase people's feelings of self worth, we need to also see that our own self-worth is highly important.  Only after we replenish the attention we have spent years chipping away at, can we begin a focus on human life. Separate from religion, it is of vital importance we look at families, schools, workplace, neighbors, etc. and face what we can do to return to a more civilized society. 


We need to begin to teach the value of human life. Somewhere between raising the bar in education, and ability to google everything in place of socialize; the world became very dangerous. This is NOT because people who were not social, were still not social, and therefore turned to a life of terrorizing others via technology. It is my belief that it is because for those who needed attention, there was nobody there to listen.  People now turned in droves to just being simply more consumed. For the quieter, it was easier to stay quiet and much easier to find similar friends with interests online; and go overlooked. I don't know that many of us thought about it.  However, when we don't attend to  the needs of others, we miss warning signs, or worse.  


We can make these needed changes. We can inspire one another, organizations, and communities.  Everyone should be aware of their own strengths; this is an effort that we should not overlook in our society. This is about supporting people to feel empowered enough to help themselves and others to have the motivation to inspire each other; one Mind at A time. 

Welcome_______________________________________ Marcy Abramsky, LCSW  InspireAmind Counseling and Consulting, has a new office. Re-opening soon, to serve the Northtowns of Buffalo, New York. Nestled within a staffed office suite, large enough to be a beautiful state- of the -art facility, this definitely  provides a warm comfortable setting, Complete with private varied sized conference rooms for groups and family sessions, waiting area, and other amenities to make office visits, seminars, or groups, feel both comfortable, and professional.. The new office space, safety, and generous parking in the heart of a convenient, and yet private (Off Main Road Entrance) make in - office possibilities seem, limitless!     

Opening and Expanding Horizons_____________

Keeping with a manageable size, my goal is to be accessible to in- person clients, and complete the transformation of the practice, to also serve other areas within NYS.  To increase accessibility to local clientele and other areas within the state, via Telemental Health options. It is my sincere hope to have everything up and running soon. ~ 

In Order To Serve Clients In A Reliable, Confidential, and Therapeutic Manner, I A,m Taking Extra Time Prior To Re-Opening With The Additional Services I Am Providing ~Thank you for your patience____________________________

This Office Suite offers parking for clients at their scheduled appointment time. In order to maintain confidentiality, and an on-time schedule for you and other clients, please schedule appointments at the time of your session_________________________________ 

**Scheduling More Immediate Appointments, Cancelling or Rescheduling_________________

Should you have a need for a earlier appointment, or if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please refer to the policy   or method  you've discussed or that will be listed on this website, left on the office voicemail, and email signature PRIOR to the start of  seeing clients._______________________ 

* ​For the purpose of the security of the facility and confidentiality, client office hours are by appointment only.