Humble Beginnings 

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In the next 24-48 hours, I did nothing but put together bits and pieces of ideas formed over the past couple of years. Ideas that never before, would have amounted to what it is to me, today! By February 28th, 2018; my belief in myself, my husband, my children and the passion I have for my work led to the creation of InspireAmind. My new business, my answer. My story is LONG but my hope is to assist you in guiding you through yours, to your solution.

Ultimately, the gift of motivation, inspiration and my complete unwillingness to be a "blob of wet sand", led me to utilize many personal and professional resources.

I'd like to offer you tools to support recognizing your needs, how help formulate a plan for productivity,and meeting goals. This begins with personal wellness and growth and an increased sense of ownership and pride in the organization. As an individual, employee, or leader, you will come out on the other side of every InspireAmind led experience by learning about what you already have inside and how to inspire others. This is what InspireAmind Counseling, Motivational Educational & Business Programs & Services are all about!

My belief is that we can never be given enough praise. This repairs each person's focus on their weaknesses and "fills in our proverbial cracks". Everyone should be aware of their own strengths; this is an effort that we should not overlook in our society. This is about supporting people to feel empowered enough to help themselves and others to have the motivation to inspire each other; one Mind at A time. 

Welcome to the NEW location of M.. Abramsky, LCSW and the InspireAmind Office for Counseling and Consulting, now located at NYCB Plaz-a. It is equipt with *24/7 security staff in the building and a secure garage, located within an amazing Office Suite.. This  state-of -the -art facility, is within a staffed office suite, with conference rooms, kitchen, waiting area and other amenities, to make office visits, seminars, groups and meetings, feel comfortable and always professional.

Private Counseling with Marcy Abramsky, licensed Clinical Social Worker, is done within this  relaxing full-time office suite, and is secure (for client confidentiality). Individual private office and conference rooms only streps away from the waiting area. Avoiding clients the trouble of having to walk through a suite, gives a small private practice feel, and equally comfortable environment as those who visit for meetings and seminars. Our building offers free *secure parking for clients with scheduled appointments, in the highly secure garage..  

*Appointments must be made at this location, due to the security of the facility and client office hours are by appointment only.