Relocation by Mid-November 

Serving Western New York Before Opening in Mid-Nov. you can choose to:

Join our FB Page or National Resource Group -“Inspiring Minds”

Discuss, learn and exchange valuable resources related to social issues that we face, in our nation today! 

 Connection to Sandy Hook Promise and my New Journey as a Promise Leader!  🍎✏️

Offering Free school / after school programs to utilize to support the emotional wellbeing of students and to increase safety in our schools! Video’s and more information upon request !! I will be updating this soon- as I learn more ! 

Private Practice**********



     As the office begins to accept new clients, a unique opportunity will be afforded to you. Taking the step to connect, and become a client,  gives you access  to  a clinician that therapeutically designs a plan to  assist in  your ability to gain CLARITY.  This provides strength and eases tension as we utilize methods to see both issues in life differently, and our power to manage them. 

     All of this combined, can clear pathways to solutions that even extinguish unwanted symptoms that we experience. It is simply amazing what you can accomplish with a different mindset! 

PARENTING/ PARENT EDUCATION/ Pre-Teen Teen/ Ind. /Group/ Family COUNSELING/ TEACHER DEVELOPMENT/WINTER/SUMMER PROGRAMS at schools and camps or in office setting 


All scheduled upon need .. some sessions  will be listed and advertised. 

If you have a group, school, camp , .org.  W interest fill out contact page with info !

Thank you!