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Teaming up with Sandy Hook Promise​​-Promise Leader 

Promise Leader...inspired by these incredible families, Mrs.Hockley&Mrs. Judith Coffey, Promise Leader Coordinator.. I can only imagine how these programs, change lives, enhance student/ staff wellness, and awareness in districts. These are FREE!

Aligning with my goals of community wellness, I am not of the personal belief that weapons should be in schools. The minds of educators should continue to work together in viewing the importance of Social Emotionsl Learning or SEL. This needs to head to the top, as a priority, integrated within our academic programs.

Building strength by empowering and inspiring people, will help us win this battle. Facing this national crisis with mental health professionals , community wellness programs, and more education for our community business, organizations, leaders, parents and students will create progress.

Education: Take a path toward inspiring adults & children with your knowledge; utilize programs that enhance resiliency and personal growth.

Our entire society will benefit when these take flight. Add mental health leaders to organizations. Consider additional mental health and changes, before weapons.

You cannot mitigate this national safety issue with more potential for accidents and violence in schools, concerts and, in our daily lives.


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